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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Kinsay dragged her feet all the way to creatures class. Everything was terrible and yet Mr. Williamson looked none the wiser. Had he been paying ANY attention at the feast? Where was his panic? Where was the sense of impending doom? Where was the ESCAPE STRATEGY?

He looked even more wrinkly now. Complying with neo-alliances must do that to a person.

”Can we hide in the maze forever? It was an honest question. And a test. To see if Mr. Williamson REALLY cared about them at all.

Only then did Kiz search the area for Emm and because the BEST FRIEND was not yet present, she went and stood by Moose instead. ”Hi,” was all she said, lest Professor Williamson call her incessant too.
Everything felt so surreal now. Or, more surreal than the usual. Being annoyed with Kinsay just wasn't worth the effort now. "Hi." He responded back to her. Sure his tone of voice still had the hint of annoyance in it. Who could tell with Moose anymore. He was bottling his temper up as best he could, but anger could be seen in in his eyes, and his clenched fist. He didn't even look toward Kinsay. He kept his eyes toward the rustling hedges to the front of them.
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