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Calyx had been elbow deep in soil for the past hour, planting some unusual hybrid bulbs, and while he had managed to brush off most of the dirt and general plant matter attached to his person, he did smell distinctly.... planty. Not wholly unpleasant, mind, just of green things and fresh soil, and generally like he had been rolling around in a garden for the duration of the morning, which wasn't actually very far from the truth, since the bulbs he was currently working with were temperamental and only allowed themselves to be handled before sunrise and had necessitated that he come in early.

The wrists of his gardening gloves were tucked in his pocket, leaving them flapping jauntily like an extra pair of hands waving from his hip with every step as his heavy work boots crunched up one of the paths towards the centre.

"Good Morning!" it was! Even if he had missed out on breakfast with his beautiful fiancee it still was. Hehe.


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