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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post

Shockingly, Adam was ALSO distracted from his school shopping, only because it wasn't nearly as exciting as last year. Last year he had had to buy EVERYTHING but now, he just had to update a few things. Mostly his books and potions kit, but he'd also got some new robes since his other ones were too short now.

As he walked by the stands, gazing at all the little trinkets they had for sale, he spotted Emmerson and grinned. "Hey Emm!" he waved as he hurried over to her. "Whatcha lookin at?"

Emm turned in time to have the wave catch her eyes. Adam! This was the thing she liked so much about having already had a year of Hogwarts under her belt. Last summer when she walked the alley, everyone was a virtual stranger to her. Now, she recognized a ton of faces no matter where she happened to be and it felt a little like being a celebrity. This likely wasn't the case, and her mother had helped her come to the conclusion she may have become famous for little more BUT it didn't matter, because now she was IN with the crowd.

"Come look! It's SO SO SO CUTE!" Emm snatched the necklace off the table and held it up for the boy to see as he drew closer. "Kizzy would like it, too, I bet. I'm hoping he's got a second in the ba--" Right...street vendors....didn't have a back...


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