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Originally Posted by NiallNIP View Post
Quinn was happy for the reassurances. He didn't want to seem like a bumbling idiot during the conversation, and this boy's responses gave him security, even if they didn't prompt much of a response.

Quinn's cheeks flushed light pink from embarrassment. "Oh, no, that makes sense, I'm sorry. That was silly of me to assume..." Quinn wasn't one to prod and pester after someone had already given an answer. He opened up his bag of popcorn again and peeked inside, then reached in and picked out a dried cranberry. "I guess I can just eat the cranberries out of here."

He looked back up at the boy. "And besides, I guess you have the money to buy whatever you'd want." Quinn could hear the coins clinking in his hand as he moved them. "I wouldn't want to stick you with something you didn't much like." He popped another cranberry into his mouth. They had picked up a slight fizz from the popcorn that Quinn didn't mind so muchóit was like cranberry soda, but with actual cranberries instead of flavored popcorn.
Atlas had always been a bit of a contradiction, not wanting to offer much in the way of so-called paternal instincts but the past couple of years had pushed him into the role. For his twin's sake. Thankfully his resentment had not yet manifested itself against Aries ... not entirely at least. So the ability for subdued assurances was a bit of a recent acquired talent.

"You may come to like it the more you eat it," he offered with a slight shrug. "Fizzing anything can be a bit jarring at first when you aren't expecting it but since you are now...might not be as bad."

His hand done with the pseudo ruffling of his hair, the blonde lowered his hand and unraveled his fingers to look at his own coins. He wasn't quite sure what to make of those words...and he felt a certain defensiveness that had the hairs rising on the back of his neck. Like he had just been...gifted this coins willy nilly. Privileged. Which...he was...but he had earned this coin through chores and careful saving. He had to if he was going to purchase an unorthodox pet.

"I don't mind it...but if I'm getting something sweet I'll be spending my coin at Sugarplums." He had yet to make up his mind about the vendors here. "...have you been?" To Sugarplums. Since this bloke was new and everything.

And then he heard his sister's voice fussing at him for forgetting his manners.

"I'm Atlas, by the way."

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