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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

The blonde ruffled his hair with his closed fist, feeling the coins shifting this way and that over his skin, and quietly gave his approval for the dislike of pickles. The only time he even pretended to stomach them was when he was taking up a bet with his brother or trying to prove a point. Usually a nonsensical one bit still...a point. "A wise choice." He was used to offering reassurance for these sorts of things so the words slipped out easily.

"Yeah. It can all be pretty jarring if you've never had carbonation before," he nodded. Fizzy drinks were sort of a rarity in the Flamsteed home, dad had never been a fan of them and mum always leaned more towards health food. The one time they had had a fizzy drink had been when dad had planned their Willy Wonky inspired birthday party. Atlas had had hiccups for hours after - confirming to him that these drinks were just not meant for him. He would stick to pumpkin juice, thanks. "Yeah. I know what you mean." Even with the regular. It was a process of elimination considering this bloke didn't know fizzing, wizarding, popcorn.

His forget-me-not blue eyes shifted from the other boy's face to the popcorn and then back up to his face. He wished Aries were around to play guinea pig.

"I don't take food from people I don't know." Or unless he had seen it made or at least confirm where it had been made - something that had been instilled in him because of what his mum and dad had experienced while during their tenure at Hogwarts, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Astronomy professors respectfully. "Sorry." Though does lean in a little to waft the smell of the popcorn to him. He may be convinced depending on the flavor.
Quinn was happy for the reassurances. He didn't want to seem like a bumbling idiot during the conversation, and this boy's responses gave him security, even if they didn't prompt much of a response.

Quinn's cheeks flushed light pink from embarrassment. "Oh, no, that makes sense, I'm sorry. That was silly of me to assume..." Quinn wasn't one to prod and pester after someone had already given an answer. He opened up his bag of popcorn again and peeked inside, then reached in and picked out a dried cranberry. "I guess I can just eat the cranberries out of here."

He looked back up at the boy. "And besides, I guess you have the money to buy whatever you'd want." Quinn could hear the coins clinking in his hand as he moved them. "I wouldn't want to stick you with something you didn't much like." He popped another cranberry into his mouth. They had picked up a slight fizz from the popcorn that Quinn didn't mind so much—it was like cranberry soda, but with actual cranberries instead of flavored popcorn.
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