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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
SO, she KNEW she was meant to be school shopping and KNEW she hadn't started yet, but Emmerson was distracted. It wasn't her fault, her mother allowed her to come on her own for something this important. It would be a wonder if the little girl went home with anything on the list she'd been given.

Rather than head for Flourish and Blotts to get books she had no interest in studying, Emm walked along the street vendors, fascinated by all they had to offer.

There were necklaces, street food, toys, hats... It would take her a long time to see it all. Maybe...maybe that school shopping could be done another day. Maybe she did need her mother to keep her on boring tasks. Maybe she DID need that turquoise necklace with the silver chain.

It was g o r g e o u s~
Shockingly, Adam was ALSO distracted from his school shopping, only because it wasn't nearly as exciting as last year. Last year he had had to buy EVERYTHING but now, he just had to update a few things. Mostly his books and potions kit, but he'd also got some new robes since his other ones were too short now.

As he walked by the stands, gazing at all the little trinkets they had for sale, he spotted Emmerson and grinned. "Hey Emm!" he waved as he hurried over to her. "Whatcha lookin at?"

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