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Hello, Book Seekers!

As you may have noticed, we have made some changes around here...

Book of the Month is no more! We decided that reading and discussing a book every month was too much for all of us to keep up and actively engage with. Time really does fly, after all. So, instead, we’re introducing Book of the Moment, which even has its own nifty sub-forum where you can find all our past Book of the Month discussions. For the most part, things will run the same as before. The main differences are that, instead of reading and discussing a book every month, we’ll be spreading the fun over two months (one month for reading and a month for discussing), and we will be opening voting further in advance to give everyone more time to acquire the books.

Voting for the first two or three books of the year will be opening on December 17th, which means that right now is the perfect time for you to submit your nominations for Book of the Moment. All previous nominations for Book of the Month are included. If you don’t nominate books now, you won’t have the opportunity for your nominations to be selected until April at the earliest. You can find instructions for nominating books here. Be aware, though, that we will only be including nominations in the upcoming vote that a mod or admin has read. This is to ensure that the books are appropriate for us to read.

If you have any questions, PM natekka, Harron Peasley or Lissy Longbottom.

We hope you're all as excited as we are for another year of reading and discussing books together!

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