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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
okay perfect ern and ariana trip to Charleston i am 10/10 down and all packed up ready to go!!!!!!!

your field / landscape is so serene, friend. i could see it so perfectly on a lil mug or a postcard or hung up on a wall in petite frame. and LOOK AT THOSE SHADOWY BERRY COLORED SKYSCRAPERS what a delicious skyline
OKAY PERFECT. I like this plan.

I think a couple of these little vignettes would look great on a postcard or in a little frame. I don't have an eye for tiny decorations, though, so keep these ideas COMING.

Lesson 24: Don't stress about the mistakes

SPOILER!!: Rockssss

SPOILER!!: railway bridge

More tutorials, this time two of my favorites. I can't tell you how UGLY these looked during the painting and I despaired the whole time, and then things merged and dried and they ended up looking like... purposeful and planned out. So. Don't despair?
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