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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
LMAO I did not I should get on that sooner rather than later though

I would love to see what you do <3. I like that there are emojis for everything I want to paint!

Originally Posted by astrocat View Post
Whattt this is so good. The unicorn and hedgehog and squares with flower/weather thingies are so good. woahhh
THANK YOU and thanks for visiting. The hedgehog was definitely copied from a tutorial, but the others came out of my brain!

Originally Posted by emjay View Post
I feel like I saw your hedgehog already (maybe on twitter?) but I don't remember if I told you how cute he was. And your unicorn is lovely with that rainbow mane
I'm sure you did. I'm a big attention hog with my paintings on Twitter because I crave APPROVAL. <3<3


Lesson 19: Art with a Friend

SPOILER!!: bottle

SPOILER!!: lizard

SPOILER!!: hobby

SPOILER!!: planet

SPOILER!!: building

Kath (sweetpinkpixie) enticed me into following prompts with her during September... maybe she'll be nice enough to post her finished product in her thread too. There was something really conducive to my creative spirit in having 'homework' every day and a friend to share with. These are just five random ones from that week (the spoiler tag is the prompt).

Sorry these pictures are so huge and not resized to be easier to look at, but they're straight from my phone.
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