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Another day, another fountain. Unlike the angry fount in Diagon Alley, the golden wizard, witch, centaur, goblin, and a house-elf seem much improved by their new outfits. In addition to handsome curly mustaches now arching above each figure's mouth, the four figures are also now sporting a certain slogan across painted each of their midsections, as though they have been dressed in a new, hip, graphic tee:

Where did this graffiti come from? Who put it there? And when? The figures adoring each other did not look like this yesterday; in fact, they didn't even look like this earlier today. The centaur, goblin, and house-elf are still looking up at the wizard, as is the witch, but all seem to be wearing despair on their faces rather than expressions of adoration...

Someone should surely scrub this off before the Minister sees.
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