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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
”Ai couldn’t tell,” he said sarcastically. Didn’t usually drink coffee? Ha, He wasn’t at all surprised. Hence the suggested mocha. Michael used to call the drink the gateway coffee drink. Michael also would have told him to be nice and he suddenly felt a little guilty because of his sarcasm. More so, he felt a small pain in his gut at the thought of Michael. It was something he did less and less. Amazing how easy it became to forget someone who was once so important to you. Catching his reelection on the silver napkin bin, Valentin realized he was frowning and quickly forced himself to stop. Thankfully, just then the drinks came up and he handed the young man the mocha and then took his own. He was sipping his when he realized that the man was trying to pay him back for the drinks. He waved a hand at him. ”Considair eet a thank you. I’m sure you are warking long hours wiv evairything going on.” Certainly that was the reason for the dark circles under the man’s eyes? Hopefully the coffee would help. And believe it or not, Valentin did appreciate people who did work he himself didn’t or wouldn’t want to do. Also, there was the fact that he had ordered it without really waiting for the man’s consent. If he didn’t like it, well, then, the man hadn’t wasted his money on someone else’s suggestion.

”Do you always wark een lé atrium?” he asked. And then to reinforce his insistence the man keep his money, Valentin he stepped off to the side under the presence of moving out of the way so that others could order and retrieve their drinks. He still uncertain if he should attempt to drink his cappuccino or wait to see if his string of bad luck would continue. The bad luck seemed contacted to the coffee, more than to the location he drank it. So he merely stood there, mentally debating the pros and cons of actually imbibing the drink.
Tomasz laughed though he did not pick up on the sarcasm. This was also a struggle not particular to a day without sleep. He struggled as he attempted to focus all physical coordination efforts on the balancing act that was holding coffee cup and rummaging through wallet. It did not help that he kept forgetting how much it had cost. There were too many moving parts and he did not have mental capacity at the moment. "Yy," he looked up, a little embarrassed. "That is very kind of you. You are generous. Thank you." He bowed his head, feeling some sort of way about accepting the coffee, but thinking it too rude to insist now. He looked down at the cup, the smell of chocolate was very strong.

"Yyy... Not always," he shook his head. "Sometimes I am on other levels. Sometimes I am in the city." Being stationed near Diagon Alley was the most enjoyable. Being outside, getting fresh air. He liked those shifts the most. The atrium was also nice. He could see many people. Getting his fix of conversation was lucky. "Where are you working?" He asked, feeling too guilty to excuse himself now that the man had paid for his drink.
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