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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
”Oui,” he replied in a manner that might have sounded short. ”Eet eez bettair than most café een ze buildeng.” Which wasn’t saying much in Valentin’s opinion, especially since the coffee from this particular cart usually came with a side of unsolicited adventure and extra dry cleaning bills. He turned to observe the younger man standing next to him. Dark circles under his eyes aside, the man was half-way decent looking; it was hard for Valentin to get past the bags under his eyes. Perhaps, the man could use a day off? Not that Valentin was in any position to make that happen. Besides, he expected that with all the Roller business and the graffiti reports, the Ministry was keeping Law Enforcement busy. Valentin’s brown eyes took in the young man’s badge on his lapel. Good, at least the Ministry wasn’t skimping on Security in the busiest part of the Ministry.

"Ai sugges,” he offered, assuming from the young man’s questions that he wasn’t a big coffee drinker. ”A Café moka (mocha).” Pause. ” You like choculate oui?” Because who didn’t like chocolate. As for him? He’d stick with his cappuccino. ”Come.” He stepped forward, motioning for the young man to follow, and then quickly ordered and paid for the two drinks before he could be told no. Perhaps this would be the day that his unlucky coffee curse would be broken.
If the reply was meant to be short, Tomasz did not realize. He was not so good at picking up on these cues on any normal day, but especially without a proper night's sleep he was not at his 100% best. "This is good. I do not usually drink coffee," he admitted with an embarrassed sort of laugh that he hoped would help him feel less awkward. He wouldn't have known the difference between a terrible brew and one of the best. He still felt slightly awkward as the man looked down at Tomasz's uniform. But he hoped that it wasn't apparent in his demeanor.

"Yyy... sure," he nodded. Chocolate was never his first choice, but he did not mind it so much. Especially if it was recommended. Being a little slower than usual, he did not entirely catch what was happening before him until the coffees were already ordered and paid for. Errr... He rubbed the back of his neck, looking around the Atrium. This was.... Tomasz reached into his pockets to pull out his wallet anyway. He couldn't let someone pay for him. He would feel too indebted. Clumsily, he began searching through the bills to find the right one.

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