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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Atlas Flamsteed
Sixth Year

Hogwarts RPG Name:
Mitsuki Rasting
Third Year

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Charles Hollingberry
Minister's Office

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Airey Flamsteed

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ZachaŽl Lufkin
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astronomizzle ♧ gryffinDORK | & the rest is drag ♣ #badluckDerf

class of 2102

inspiration SSRPG characters Eiji Rasting (me), Missa Renaldi (Samia), & Jina Morin (Sunflower)
materials Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

It's THAT time of year in the RPG so I felt now was the most appropriate to share the graduation siggy I made for myself as well as the two I was requested to make. I cannot believe these characters are graduating already ;_____;

red, red desert, heal our blues; I dive deeper for you..............
what a blessing to feel your love; twilight promised me you.........
all these moments with you...
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