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Krzysztof Zamojski

inspiration SSRPG character Krzysztof Zamojski (mine)
materials Adobe Photoshop Elements 9; fonts: Prometheus

Instagram has been very...VERY kind to me recently in suggesting people to follow (how I discovered several of the older faces for some of my characters!) and Angelo Carlucci (you're all welcome ) is someone I'd been following for a while now and was recently enable to create a dragonologist character. This, of course, also meant some new signatures.

I have no layers to share because, honestly, all I did was add a gradient overlay (set to overlay) on the second signature and the rest is all the original image unaltered or simply mirrored. The selling point, for me was the rediscovery of my Prometheus font which goes SO well with the lines of his tattoos. It is very rare I end up using a font that I feel happy with (can spend an hour going through fonts and and combinations before just falling back on my usual go-to's in defeat), so this was a really happy accident I stumbled upon while scrolling

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