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life is like a mountain

{ click on the below thumbnail to be taken to the full size }

inspiration a page from Adult Coloring Books Good Vibes: Don't Give Up
materials ARIES Oil-Base Color Pencils (72 pencils set)

A couple of years ago it was suggested to me that I give coloring a try as a means of unwinding and centering myself. I hadn't considered coloring since I was in elementary school so I was a bit skeptical BUT I decided to give it a go and ordered a few adult coloring books per SS member Angie's suggestion and tacked on a few others that spoke to me and got myself a nice set of colored pencils just to dip my feet into things...and I am so glad I did.

Today I spent close to two hours coloring in the above image while listening to an audiobook. Conceptually I mostly went with colors I enjoyed from my set, but I did plug a bit of symbolism into things. A green gradient for "life", the word "hard" being in black and grey to mimic steel somewhat, "view from" in yellow with a bit of a halo around it to be the sun, and then "the top" a blue sky with clouds. For the embellishments around the words I went with a rainbow gradient which was really fun to experiment with blending colors together.

I dedicate this page in the memory of SS member Connie who recently passed away. She was an incredibly kind and humble soul who contributed so much to the fanfiction community here. Just like all us, she found a little corner of the internet to turn into her creative playground and will be missed.
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I'd like to tell you to not get old, because time gets away from us and makes us wish we hadn't made the mistake in thinking, 'I need to post my chapter, but I can do it later,' but later comes and goes without posting. Alas, even if I told you not to get old you still would. But, enjoy life and count your blessings.


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