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First day back!

Fletcher had his nose buried in a wizarding newspaper as he walked in through the atrium, wearing a suit as usual and dodging other workers as he headed toward the lifts. The atrium seemed quieter than normal, as though he were missing the sound of something... and what was with the sudden outdoorsy smell in here, like hay and sunshine and sawdust and animals? Was he in a barn or some Creatures experiment or something???


Fletcher did not pay the noise, or lack thereof, much heed as he didn't even look where he was going, and instead turned a page of the large paper as he kept walking. If he had looked up, he might have noticed all the owls flying overhead on their various errands. And if he had looked down, surely he would have spotted the droppings littering the floor. If he had done these things, he might not have stepped right into a white puddle of barn owl excrement, and then he might not have slid a few feet into some crunchy pellets, and then fallen over into a crumpled mess of feces and feathers, as he was doing now.

The Junior Undersecretary didn't immediately rise from his tumble, either. He remained quite stationary on the cold floor of the atrium, and was definitely covered in crap from head to toe, including the Daily Prophet which was now covering his face like a tent.

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