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You may recall the carnage of flaming interdepartmental memos prior to the Ministry closing before the holidays, so you may be relieved to see that there are none this year now that the Ministry has reopened.

Though the truth of the matter is that there are no interdepartmental memos flying at all. None.

Despite efforts and expectations set forth by the Minister, the problem regarding these colorful paper airplanes could not be solved and all new attempt to charm any papers were fruitless. Only one, rather archaic, method proved to have any level of efficiency: owls.

Real hooting tooting owls

So while there may be no colorful paper airplanes in there air, there were plenty of white owl droppings and feathers scattered across the floors of the Ministry. Sometimes the droppings came with a bit of variation in them: black or black and white. Festive.

So watch your heads and mind where you step, dear Ministry personnel. It's looking like a messy year if the janitorial staff cannot keep up.
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