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I am loving this book. I actually got it as audio so I could listen while I'm getting miles in for my walking challenge. I don't know if that's why I fell in love with the story because of the different voices being used for the characters or if I just was drawn to the WWII material, but I think it is such a fun story. I just started it a few days ago so I haven't gotten too far in, but I'm already wanting to get back on the treadmill to listen to more.

BanabatGirl- Your goodreads review was amazing and I just adored reading it.

Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
[...] but this just makes me want to write letters to people now I need some pen pals or something because there really is something magical about writing and receiving letters.
This is something younger children are lacking and I wish we could change that. Getting mail is always so fun and my own kids don't get anything and when they do they get super excited. I wish they got more letters.

Cassirin- I am in for the watch party.
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