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Yassi didn't mind either, she didn't have anything confidential in her humble vault, nor did she mind the company. It was nice in all honesty. Throwing her wand back into her bag (she'd just deal with the mess when she was..... less of a mess), she quickly moved to catch up to the other two.

"I'm Yassi," she extended her own hand to meet his and gave him a warm smile. "It's nice to meet you... Do you live nearby?"
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"Yeah. Here in London. I work at the Ministry. And you?" Bennett asked as they walked.
The goblin lead the way to the corridor and the awaiting cart. He then instructed them to get inside the cart.

ooc: You can go ahead and post in the corridor getting in the cart.


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In the main hall, Jina paused for a moment to stare around. This place was very impressive! All the goblins behind the counter seemed to be hard at work. She stepped up to the counter for currency exchange. "Hello, I would like to exchange these pounds to galleons," she said as she handed an envelope containing 300 pounds.
The window goblin accepted the envelope of muggle money and proceeded to count it. Twice. "Three hundred." the goblin stated wanting to confirm the amount.
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