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Touchy touchy! Valentin’s twitched as he tried not to smile. Oh how he loved seeing people get flustered. In fact, he didn’t think he’d ever seen Singh express so many emotions. ” Ai am alwais 'elpful,” he said simply shrugging his shoulders. When the occasion called for it, Valentin really could be helpful. He just didn’t feel like this occasion really warranted his efforts. ” But eet 'as not been zat long and zo ai am not abut to go crazy when timé mai vairy well sulve our problaims.” Besides, he was enjoying seeing Singh so un-Singh like. Granted, Valentin didn’t know Singh outside of a work setting. Which was something he really needed to change, because he was certainly proving to Valentin that he was more amusing and interesting than Valentin had first thought.

The lift was suddenly filled with a blinding dazzling light. His hand shot up to cover his eyes. ”Bte comme ses pieds,” he called out in French. ” Ai 'ad meent a mémo, not zis monstrositay!” Because what if the Patronus couldn’t leave the lift?
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