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Originally Posted by nicole black View Post
It was later in the day. The job was done, but Aslan knew she would hear the whispers for another hour more, at the very least. They were louder now, ever since this new little creature had come into being within her. There was something to that, new life and its connections to death. Aslan had spent a good portion of her pregnancy researching those connections, drawing lines between womb and coffin with increasing levels of understanding.

But those thoughts, those words and lines, and theories would have to sit and wait to be discussed on another day. She needed to speak to Airey about more familiar matters.

Namely, she needed to speak to him about Hogwarts.

Aslan knocked on her former professor's office door, her expression plain and belly swollen as she waited for word.
Airey had softened considerably since becoming a father. He was, generally speaking, a more affectionate man and less apprehensive when it came to the breed of human know as pregnant ladies. Save for when they were former pupils of his which then provided the unwanted stark reminder that those he once taught were real people with real needs...and that included the need to procreate.

He just...never ever wanted to think about that. Ever. Never.

Though he did have to admit that the work Miss Evans (no, he was not questioning why she was still a Miss and not a Mrs because he DID NOT WANT TO KNOW) had been conducting in the Death Chamber was riveting and some of the best work she had done for him. Even if he had to weed through some of her more...flowery jargon now and then.

He had actually been reviewing some of her reports from last month when her knock came upon his door - not that he knew this.

"Enter!" he called out over the rim of his Earl grey, hot, cup of tea.

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