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SPOILER!!: Andrei
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Has to have a chuckle at that, because she was not wrong. His uncle was one of the most peculiar people he had ever met and his position had brought him to the far corners of the world and back. His uncle had a very...charismatic eccentricity about him, one he had not encountered anywhere else.

Much like the young woman before him was quite unlike anyone else he had ever encountered. A magnificent creature of her own pedigree.

Rolls his shoulders a bit, his muscles sore from manual labor and other unrelated stresses, and manages to relax a bit more in his seat as he took another sip from the coffee. "If by weird you mean to imply that there is a very palatable discomfort about this situation...then, yes, I have to agree. And it is unfortunate," he nodded as he set his cup down on his thigh. " is only to be expected...considering everything." Manages a small smile over at her, another one of deep apology and regret for things, dark memories, that he could not take back or make the sting feel any less poignant. "But I am glad I came. It gives me some peace seeing how you have overcome and are flowering."

Though that felt like far too delicate a term as well as a bit too predicable in phrasing. is only to be expected...considering everything.

Emilia nodded, wondering if it was possible to tuck that part of the past away neatly in a box somewhere and move on with a clean slate. She wanted that, had been working towards it for a long time, and maybe she was getting close. She'd lasted this long without crying, after all. She even offered him a small smile in return, one that said she knew he was sorry, that she was too.

Flowering was such an Andrei way to put it and honestly, she wondered if a word like that fit her anymore. It was nice to hear all the same. "I'm a fighter, overcoming is what I do." Her smile softened and she tucked some hair behind her ear, randomly thinking of Bast, thinking of how he'd be proud of her in this moment. All those things he'd tried to tell her back then seemed to finally have sunk in.

"You seem like you're doing well for yourself, too. It's good. I...I always wanted that for you." Just for him to be happy. Feeling those emotions bubbling up again, she took another sip of her coffee and washed down the lump in her throat.
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