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Text Cut: Sachin ^_^
Originally Posted by FearlessLeader19 View Post

Valentin might have tried to hide the fact that he was ill at ease with Sachin being this close to him but Sachin already knew. Don’t ask how but that was how he was; he was able to mostly ready persons’ reactions to him just as much as he could tell when someone was attracted to him. Valentin was both and as he was shoved away, Sachin was even more sure of his suspicions.

But it didn’t matter to him. He was in no way concerned about anything other than getting out of here. “Just use magic to clean it,’’ Sachin offered somewhat impatiently, a hint of his Indian accent slipping in. His eyes were glued to the doors of the lift. He wanted out right now; he did not fancy being stuck in here with grumpy Valentin. His hopes were slightly dashed when the lever refused to cooperate. “Seems like it. Um. Alohomora might work.’’ But it was only a half hearted solution. Something told him that this entire situation was going to be more complicated. Nevertheless, Sachin pointed his wand at the door and muttered the incantation.

”Ai do not think zat eez goeng to wark éithair,” he said stepping away from the lever. As he moved, his hand shook the fabric of his pants leg in an attempt to get some of the cappuccino off. He glanced up at Singh who had snapped something about using magic to clean his pants. As much as Valentin valued his clothing looking expensive and sharp, he wasn’t particularly good at the cleaning charm (or any household charms) and he wasn’t about to use it in front of Singh, have it fail, and get ridiculed. Nope, he valued his magical prowess more than his clothes. Besides, he had a feeling that the elevator would start moving again at some point. They just had to be patient, and well, he could use the coffee stained pants as fodder for a) proof as to why he was late to his meeting with Phora, and b) to make his meeting with Phora short. Not that he disliked Phora. Quite the contrary in fact. But who in their right minds enjoyed meetings? Valentin much preferred dates. And he had been trying to get Phora to go on a date with him for years.

So, leaning back against the far wall of the lift, he crossed his arms over his chest and watched Singh try the unlocking charm. ”Unlez you know 'ow to send off a mezajé, ai do not think we are getténg oot of hairé anytimé soon.” Sure, he could send his patronus off, but he wanted to see what Singh would do. If there was one thing Valentin liked more than a good bottle of Bordeaux and a handsome man, it was getting under someone’s skin. He had an inkling that, thanks to this situation Valentin was only missing the bottle of wine. Besides, Valentin was in no rush to play the hero again. It would totally ruin his reputation.
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