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Thanks to the efforts of the departments of Magical Law Enforcement, Magical Accidents & Catastrophes, the Care and Regulation of Magical Creatures, and Environmental Regulation and Protection, we have confirmation that the the situation at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding is the doing of an unprecedented boggart infestation and were able to contain a few of the creatures.

The time has come for a third and, hopefully, final attempt to restore Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and remove all boggarts. With the assistance of the Department of Magical Transportation, a series of modified emergency portkeys have been created that have been successfully tested on the captured boggarts for both luring and containment purposes and have additional high security level enchantments placed on them by the Department of Mysteries. Debriefing documents have been distributed among the levels and further instruction will come from your respective department heads. This mission is ranked DANGEROUS and has two objectives:
1. Successfully infiltrate Hogwarts castle
2. Seek out and contain all boggarts, effectively rendering Hogwarts boggartless
All capable and able hands are required for this mission and one should contact their department head immediately with interest so that teams may be assembled and enough emergency portkeys created for each member by the Department of Magical Transportation.

Charles Hollingberry, Minister for Magic

Originally Posted by OOC!

This is an urgent RP opportunity for employees from DMC, DMT and DoM to work together! It will take place in the Into the Mist: Hogwarts Grounds thread where you will be guided by The Narrator as well as take cues from your department heads (hermionesclone, emjay, and sweetpinkpixie).

This mission will officially begin when The Narrator has posted a new timeline in the Into the Mist: Hogwarts Grounds thread (sometime within the next 36 hours), at which time a reminder notification PM will be sent out by your department head and you may begin posting your Ministry employees.

For a bit of context, check out this RP. Employees participating on this mission would have undergone training exercises in the Ministry for both a refresher course in battling boggarts and in handling the new modified emergency portkeys.

Good luck

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