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The adrenaline was pumping trying to beat the clock and Minerva was loving every single minute of it. She had gotten all her ingredients together and had swished her wand to get the mixing going so now she had to gather the icing pieces. The owl had a few colors and that was going to be tricky with a time limit. Her thoughts were broken for a minute when she heard her name and couldn't help but smile and give a wave, "Hello Kurumi! It is so great to see you again." She had always looked up to the older Gryffindor and fully expected her to take home the trophy today, she was brilliant in a kitchen, at least she was at school. That was a long time ago though and Minerva had come a long way since then so anything was possible.

She turned back to her work station and began preparing to get her cake in the oven to bake when Chip was at her counter. "Oh, I guess it is easier, but my kids help out so much around the house. My oldest just turned 17, so they aren't super young anymore. My late mother taught me how to bake and I always wanted to pass that down to my own children." Finishing putting the cake batter in a pan she laughed, "I do have an almost one-year-old though, so this is easier at the moment." Aiden was now getting into everything so baking was more of a challenge these days.

As quickly as Chip had come it seemed he was gone, but that was alright she had a cake to bake and the ten-minute warning got her heart pumping. Thank Merlin for the magic she could speed the baking process along. Though distractions were being a big part of the day she was beginning to see and Wood Nymphs were the next thing to happen. These little creatures made her laugh and soon she was singing jingle bells with one of them.

What an exciting day!

Leon was sashaying to each counter and checking out each contestant. Oh, but he did see that air five and had to give it back. "It is starting to smell so delish in here." The cakes baking were turning the entire room into a scented candle and Leon was all about it.

When the ten-minute warning happened he clapped his hands to cheer everyone on, "Get it, girls and guys, you can do it!" He looked to the audience to see if they thought it could be done before heading back to his seat, "Oh Chip you know exactly how to get to my heart."

The ice cream was exactly that and yum, how amazing was it to eat while watching this compeition unfold.

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