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Post J.K. Rowling announces "Helping Not Helping" Lumos campaign to end voluntourism

J.K. Rowling made one of her first public appearances in nearly a year, at the One Young World forum in London, to promote her charity Lumos and launch their new "Helping Not Helping" campaign to end orphanage tourism and volunteering, which can drive family separation and child trafficking – highlighting that orphanages are a harmful and outdated system of ‘care’ for children.

A few highlight videos and photos of the Harry Potter author at the panel can be found here; more details are below.

Said Rowling:

“Despite the best of intentions, the sad truth is that visiting and volunteering in orphanages drives an industry that separates children from their families and puts them at risk of neglect and abuse. We want this campaign to highlight the extent of the harm that orphanages cause and to put an end to orphanage tourism and volunteering for good.

My message to young people today is yes volunteer – but plan carefully and thoughtfully. Your time and energy are precious: use them wisely and they will help change the world. Do not volunteer in orphanages. Instead, look at what drives children into institutions and dedicate your time to projects that tackle poverty or support communities with vital services.”
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