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Malachi took a sip of his tea, willing himself to relax despite how on edge he'd felt since they first arrived at Beauxbatons. This was a nice spot of tea with a good student, there was no need for him to think the sky was about to come crashing down like it had already started to do since they'd gotten there.

Rather than show any sort of reaction one way or the other, Malachi bit into his cookie and took a silent moment to consider the question.

"Well," The man began after swallowing, "it's her castle. She can decide she doesn't want any of us here anymore and there's little we could do but look into other arrangements." Of course, there were a few things that would prevent such a decision. Little things linked to the woman's pride and her obsession with looking good that he was counting on, but that didn't mean he wanted to push her buttons either.

"She couldn't expel you from Hogwarts, certainly not, that's still my decision, but say we end up here for another year. That's another year you can't come back. Just no worth it, I'm sure you'll agree."
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