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Default Ah, my bad, I thought they had all gone into the Pub
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It made some sense, now, why the Centaurs weren't in their home. It was covered in fog. Lou's fingertips made their way over her mouth as she heard their story. How terrible, to lose their home and be trying to find sanctuary since it all happened. "Where have you been... l-living?" Had it been living, if they had been trying to find sanctuary since? Did that mean there was nowhere safe for them?

Seeing the chair fly through a window, leaving a falling of shattering class made her yelp from surprise.

She was somewhat relieved to hear them say 'We can't let him carry on like that!', but she wasn't necessarily feeling too enthusiastic about agreeing with them. Not if it were going to make them even angrier. "What can we do?" she asked. It was, after all, her home and business that was being destroyed, but extinguish his light sounded very final, and even though he was destroying things, Lou didn't wish that on him. Whatever it meant. It briefly crossed her mind to send word to the Ministry somehow - patronus? Summoning her owl? No, she didn't want her pet to be harmed. But some tactic was needed here. Sending for the Ministry would potentially enrage them further, which she most definitely did not want.

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