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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post

Charles had not spent nearly enough time out and about in the Ministry since the Hogwarts situation had taken a turn for the worst. The situation had brought on an entirely new sense of tension now that things had evolved into a full international situation and the Minister almost felt as though he were spending more time moving between fireplaces than running the country.

But it was only an exaggerated feeling and, frankly, he was enjoying the tightening relationship between the British and French Ministries.

But today he was on a more personal errand. Eiji had his own familiar in the form of a naked rat of all creatures, but the precious pea of a granddaughter did not have her own pet yet. Though, he was unsure he would find something to her liking here considering Rebecca's preferences favored winged creatures...but it certainly couldn't hurt to look. Particularly for such a just cause as adopting a rescue creature.

Stepping in and offering diplomatic waves to those who met his sparkly green eyes, Charles soon noticed Victoria and moved over to her table. "Victoria, mind if I join you?"
Her mind in so many directions she hadn't noticed the people around her going in and out of the cafe, the animals being played with and some adopted. She was there to find one for herself, but at the moment hadn't truly looked at any, just sat thinking and her eyes began to swell.

This not being the time nor the place she wiped her eyes just as she heard someone say her name. Looking up and realizing who it was she tried to really compose herself as she moved her purse from the seat closest to her. "Of course you can minister, you are always welcome to join me." Minister? Did she ever say minister to Charles?

Setting her purse on the floor and taking a sip of her drink she gave him a small smile, "In for a treat or a pet today?" Pets, right, she was looking for one. Her eyes just scanned the area still not sure what would be a good one for her.
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