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True to form, Kaiser was reaching for the cookies on the tray before it even touched the surface of the desk. Luckily, it was a little more difficult to do the 'eat like you've not seen food in a month' thing with something as simple as biscuits than it was with, say, dinner, but he still had to make the conscious effort not to immediately shove the entire thing into his mouth.

But he still took a huge bite out of it, and then nodded in confirmation when Trent spoke. Kaiser was hugely relieved that that seemed to be the end of the matter.

Except, not quite. He quickly swallowed his mouthful of cookie and practically fell over himself to answer Trent's next question, which was... very un-Kaiser-like.

"Exceeds Expectations!" Too eager? He didn't care. He was happy about it, so why play it down? Being a fundamentally unfortunate person, he'd learnt long ago that you had to make the most of the good stuff whenever it happened. "I was surprised. I expected only Acceptable grades if I passed any at all."

...... Oh. Uh. Right. Right. The, uh, the climbing thing. While Trent tended to the kettle, Kaiser allowed himself a moment to... to just think.

He had been intending to lie: Oh no, Headmaster, I have never climbed school buildings. Would never do such a thing. Not me. But Trent seemed to know it to be fact, so an outright lie would not only be unconvincing but also downright insulting. But could he get around this topic without having to make a promise he would, ultimately, end up breaking? Not that he had trouble breaking promises, he just generally preferred not to. "... Yes." Actually, no. Because he could. Because there was a chance that in the last less-than-24 hours he, uh, already had. Oops? "I know that, yes. Of course."


"Yes, Earl Grey is fine." Actually, he wouldn't know, because he'd never, to his knowledge, tried it. But Kaiser hadn't yet found a food or drink he disliked, so anything went. "Thank you."
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