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Originally Posted by MunchyBubbles View Post

She watched as Bastian nearly doubled over laughing at her and she kept one hand on her heart, while the other was on her hip. Merlin! He had nearly given her a heart attack and he was laughing!!

“Well I’m glad you liked it, you are lucky you didn’t get hit when I flailed! ” She exclaimed as she finally cracked a smile! She couldn’t help it, she loved seeing him smile, after last year it was time to see it again!

She looked up at him as he wiped his eyes and came to stand next to her, she bumped him gently with her hip, as he spoke and gave her a heart stopping smile that made her insides melt and her eyes lit up for a moment.

He was so cute! He looked sometimes like an overgrown puppy she just wanted to snuggle or snog! And she couldn’t stay mad at him.

Besides it was hard to stay mad at a boy that was full on sparkly!

“You are forgiven! But only.. cause it’s you.” Anyone else and she would have pushed them into the roses and ran for it.. but not him.
Sebastian's smile grew even wider after that comment. "Probably would have deserved it anyway." He said with a chuckle. Heavens she was adorable, with that hip popped out all was just cute. He couldn't help but stare longer than any normal human would...she was just too pretty.

He chuckled when she bumped his hip with hers as he stood next to her. He was glad to see she wasn't upset with him. He just couldn't resist. Plus, seeing her not trying to be perfect in this fancy school for a moment made him happy. She was perfect without trying...she didn't need to change herself for this school.

"Well, thank you. I'm glad you have forgiven me. I would have gotten down on my knees and begged you if you hadn't." He said with a grin, giving her a wink, before giving her the best puppy dog eyes. "Oh, please forgive me, Icy, please." He batted his eyelashes and gave her the best sad face ever.

Of course, he was trying not to laugh the whole time.

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