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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Once the other girl had popped away, January's attention stayed with the newcomer. She took the form, placed it on the counter and once again signed her swirly signature with a blue inked pen.

"Here you go," the redhead said, handing the signed form back. "One more stop. Good luck." She gave the girl a warm smile and waited for her to go. Anyone else?
Tina nodded politely. "Thank you," she replied, taking her form back as the red-haired woman handed it to her. She caught a brief glimpse of the signature, and to her surprise, she recognized the name. When she apparated to this floor, she hadn't expected she'd cross paths with her father figure's boss, let alone get her form signed by that very person! What were the odds of that?! Wait until M. Marchand heard she ran into his boss today! She thought about popping into the daycare center - not literally, of course! Wouldn't want to scare the little kids! - later to tell him, but first, she had to finish her apparition test.

Okay, two tasks down, one to go. Tina could do this! She felt a lot more confident about apparating to the golden gates than she had apparating to the lobby. At least this time, she actually knew where she was going. She'd passed through those very gates on her way to today's apparition test, so the image was fresh in her mind. She took a quick moment to center her focus, concentrating as hard as she could on the image of the golden gates. When she had a clear visual, she turned on the spot, wand in hand, and disappeared with a faint POP!
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