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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
Natalie looked up when an older, more-accomplished-than-her looking bloke appeared, asking her if she felt anything missing. He must have been the guy to sign her paper and send her off. "No sir," she replied proudly. Then she handed over her slightly wrinkled form for him to sign.

While she waited for him to sign it, Natalie gathered her focus again. She just had to prove herself one more time and apparate into the Atrium and then she would be free to apparate anytime by herself.

And after it was signed, that was just what she did.
Amazing. Truly amazing. ”Good,” he praised. Yes, for James Draper ‘good’ was considered high praise. He didn’t compliment much. It was truly against his nature.

Once he was given her form, he quickly read over it before finding the appropriate place for signing. Again he read the statement first incase before adding his signature and indicating in his comments that she had arrived without any splinching or other complications. Then he held it back out for her, before adddind, ”You should be good to go.” To the atrium, yeah? Enjoy the sweet freedom of apparition, kid.
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