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Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
After disappearing from the testing room, Archer reappeared in what looked like some kind of storage room that had been transformed into a break room. One that seemed to be inspired by the cat cafes of the muggle world, only for magical animals. And plants. And there was a kneazle staring at her from one of the tables. She simply raised an eyebrow at the animal and looked around for an employee who could sign her Apperation form for her so she could get a move on.
James Draper did not often take breaks and this was absolutely no exception. Though he was in the Café sipping on his black coffee, he still had a report in hand. Reading. Thinking. There was ultimate chaos at Hogwarts, which was absolutely no surprise. Could there not just be one quiet year at that school? It was seemingly far too much to ask for.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately, only time would tell), his frustration with the situation at Hogwarts was put on the back-burner as he had another immediate task to attend to. Apparation exams at the Ministry, apparently. Another result of the tomfoolery at Hogwarts, it seemed. When he heard the pop and arrival of one of the examinees, he reluctantly stood up from the table and pocketed the status reports (confidentiality and all that).

Walking up to the examinee, he assessed her for a moment. "No splinching, it appears... That's a good sign," he looked at her expectantly. "If there aren't any concerns I should be made aware of, I can sign your form and you can head to the atrium for your final status evaluation."

Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post
If one didn't know Natalie was terrified of apparating and had to focus a great deal, one might think that she was in the process of messing her pants. The former Slytherin appeared right before the cafe and stood there for a good fifteen seconds before realizing she had landed. When she opened her eyes, she saw another student that had been testing and realized... she had done it!

"I didn't splinch!" Natalie exclaimed, then quickly checked all of her limbs to make sure that she was indeed correct. She didn't FEEL any body parts missing, anyway. Besides that, her form that needed to be signed was crinkled up from the tense white-knuckling travel.
He turned to look just as another examinee popped in. Good, two fwoopers with one stone. He was already up anyway. "Nothing feels like it's missing?" She didn't look splinched... And by her exclamation, she was convinced that she wasn't. But maybe she was missing a bellybutton or something. Who knew? Not James. But he didn't need any reckless apparators loose in the world, so best to check. "If not, I can take your form as well." And then sign, seal, deliver, whatever whatever whatever. You know how it goes.
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