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Yes, well, Charles had dealt plenty with the Ministère des Affaires Magiques de la France (of which he still sorely butchered the pronunciation) enough now to know that its personnel had few qualms with showing their displeasure when there was a disagreement. Truly was water off the duck's back at this point, and the Minister was capable of producing said feathers if it were necessary. He would clear the situation up with Conley later at their staff meeting.

He was also genuinely concerned that Olivia Olly may have her breakfast out on the floor for display for everyone sooner rather than later. As much as Charles was desperate for those reports, the well-being of his personnel was a priority at the moment.

Well, actually, the memo being removed from his face was the he peeled that from his brow and gave it a quick glance. "Ah, well...message received," he said to no one in particular as he pocketed it and then moved a bit closer to his department head. The instinct to place a hand on her shoulder, fatherly in intent, was something difficult to resist but somehow managed. "I'll need a report by tomorrow afternoon," he stressed gently, though surely she could understand the urgency in the matter. "See if the healers encourage taking the rest of the day off," he added with a small smile. "I'll hear from them directly if any of you need it."

Meaning they did not need to inform him, they could simply go.

But before he could finish that thought, his attention was drawn towards the fountain itself.

"Flocking fwoopers...what now?" he muttered under his breath while smushing his cheeks between his thumb and fingers. He hadn't been informed of any sort of maintenance on the fountain today. " all go see that you're tended to," he reiterated while going through his mental checklist of what ELSE he needed to look in to by the end of the day. "Bit of maintenance, surely."

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