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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
The old saying was truer than anyone could imagine; if you wanted something done right, you had to do it yourself. This most reason mix up had made that all too clear and forced Emma up out of the comfort of Knockturn Alley. With a customer like that, you had to make the service worthwhile and if your workers couldn't, it was no excuse not to get it done at all.

The woman made her way into the apothecary, wondering if it had somehow been mistaken for the wrong sort of book and dropped off here.

Emma approached the man, already suspicious of his actions by nature and virtue of what she sought but just as willing to chalk it up as coincidence depending on what happened in the next few seconds.

"I'm looking for a book. One that by the looks of this place you may have seen."
Gideon had caught the sound of the bells on the door but only turned his attention from the lights when he was satisfied with their cleanliness. So, he was just climbing down when he was approached by a woman. A woman in search of a book. “Not exactly a book store here,” he remarked, curious as he looked at her through the ladder. A wipe…wipe…wipe of the wooden runs before he picked the ladder up moved it to the wall out of the way.

“And what would make you think I’ve seen what tome your looking for?” He tended to handle any book buying, usually special potions books, through channels so he hadn’t exactly been frequenting Flourish and Blotts lately to be spied on. If she had spied on him. That would be awkward and pretty wrong. Downright dirty even. Like something more he had to clean up...sort of speak.

Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
Alexander was trying to be on his best behavior. He really was. He had tagged along with his sister to Diagon Alley with his school supplies list in his pocket, and he was really trying to stick to that but it was just so easy to get distracted. There was a sweet shop right there. But he had resisted (for now) and veered into the apothecary instead. He needed to stock up on a few potions ingredients for school. Maybe after he had gotten those he could go get some candy. Or a butterbeer. Or some ice cream. There were just so many possibilities and they were all much more exciting than his school supplies. Except, no, he needed to focus. Alexander shook his head briefly in an attempt to clear his mind and focus his thinking as he walked down the aisles, list in hand. The sooner he could get what he came for the sooner he could go shopping for more exciting things.
Out...out darn spot.

Gideon scrubbed down the counter trying to get a few stubborn spots out of the old wood. He could only imagine just what had made the marks over the years. At the tinkling of the bell, the shopkeeper was alerted to a new customer which meant he had to stop scrubbing if the young man needed help.

But maybe not just yet.

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