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Orion Forest Thornhill was highly unimpressed.

Though to be fair, he wasnít impressed with much in his life, his shady family who got a bit to nosy with his stuff, his shady extended family who liked to apparently spend most of their time behind bars then in front of them, his house at school, yellow was not only the stupidest color, but it represented the dumbest house alive. He was not sunshine and lolipops, he was cloudy and black licorice.

People most of the time annoyed him as well, they were loud and in your face and always giving their opinions when they werenít warranted. He didnít know why every single person he had met seemed to make it their mission in life to change his mind about his house!

Why was he not entitled to his own opinion? He didnít call down Merlinís wrath just because someone didnít like pumpkin pie. I mean.. clearly they were missing out, but he respected it! Could anyone respect his opinion on his own house?


He sighed and ran a hand through his dark rather untidy hair. Despite the sun he was dressed in a black hoodie with the hood up and black jeans. He didnít care.. this was his comfort zone.. his happy place.. so to speak.

And now.. NOW he has just read they had to go to Beauxbatons! Merlin help them all,, he hoped the French were as rude as they were made out to be.. hopefully they could leave him alone and pretend he wasnít there..

Ugh.. why.. just.. just why?
For my whole life, we never crossed that line, only friends in my mind.

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