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Originally Posted by Jessiqua View Post
Abra was here, and she was depressed. No other way of looking at it. Lou's heart was shattering every time her niece's young face broke into floods of tears, and she knew there just wasn't anything she could do to help her niece feel better. All of the food she loved no longer brought a smile to her face, letting her choose how her room was decorated didn't make her happy, either. That was why Lou was here, in Quality Quidditch Supplies. Her eleven-year-old niece loved Quidditch. But Lou couldn't even use that as an excitement booster. Would it even be on during the school year?

Entering the shop, Lou looked around without much an idea of what she was looking for. Not a broom, Abra didn't need one of those. At least not yet. She didn't have a need for a broom servicing kit, either. A book perhaps? One on the history of Quidditch? "Hello?" Lou asked the room. Was there a shopkeeper around? "I'm looking for a book." Yes, a book.

*scrub, scrub, scrub*

It took Brad sometime before he could see his furrowed brow expression reflecting back up at him clear enough to satisfy him. That was invigorating, he declared. What else in the shop needed to be re-cleaned? Perhaps the storage closet to do for re-organizing. That's when he heard in the distance a faint chime. Oh, a customer had arrived! Brad dusted himself off and vanished the remaining soap suds before making his way back up to the front.

It was a lady, she had a crestfallen expression to her. Was she disappointed in having to wait on him? "Hello there, thank you for waiting." Or maybe it was the state of the place? It was looking unkept the longer he stared at it. "What could I do for you?" That's when she said, "A book..." Oh dear, he was already going over when was the last time he tidied the shelf... Ten minutes ago? That was much too long ago, but he returned his focus on the customer's needs. "What sort of book are you looking for?" Obviously, it had to be sports-related since she arrived, otherwise there was going to be an awkward moment of redirecting. But what sort of Sport? They did carry more than Quidditch in here after all. He waited patiently on the specifics.

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