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Some soapy water swished over the side of the bucket as Gideon set it down on the floor with a plop, a mop slung over his shoulder. Geez...the shop needed a clean and now was the perfect time to do it. "It'll be better in no time..." the shopkeeper mused as he looked around the shelves and barrels, counters and floors of the shop already straightened up for the summer season. Swinging the mop down from up high, accidentally hitting the light fixture and sending it swaying.

"Right! Might need to start up top first."

He reached up to stop the swinging as he debated if he needed some assistance before setting the mop aside and returning momentarily tp the back room for a ladder. Setting it up, he pulled a rag from his back pocket, dunked it in the bucket and climbed enough so he could properly wipe the lights.

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