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The calm she felt from her patronus was short lived and the sinking feeling she felt after the light from the field mouse faded away was overwhelming. This was not what she'd signed up for, not what they'd signed up for, and Mariana was shaking as she aimed her wand into the mist. "Immobulus!" This was a losing battle and as scared as the botanist was for those inside the castle, her focus had to be on the people immediately around her. "Listen to my voice! Come this way. Do not let go of the rope!" She tried to keep her voice steady, tried to ignore the horrible things she could sense around her, the things she'd seen. She was at the back of the group, it was her job to guide them. "This way! This way out of the mist! Hurry!" And the brunette started following the rope back towards the gate, one hand over the other, willing everyone to make it back safely.
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