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Nettie was feeling...a lot of things right now but mostly relief. The more distance she could put between this mist and herself, the happier she would be. The looming threat of impending doom had made her lose all interest in her hobbies - she hadn’t touched her cello in over a month, which was highly unlike her. It was just difficult to get excited about things when every time she closed her eyes, she replied moments from the boathouse over and over in her brain...

A decent crowd had formed already, and her eyes quickly picked out some of her housemates and friends. She spotted Eiji and Nina and gave them a little nod of acknowledgment before pushing forward to Missa and Drew, preferring to stay by her housemates for the moment. She assumed they’d be grouped in rooms by house, yes? So best to stay close to them. She tugged on Missa and Drew’s robes to let them know she was there before falling in line behind them.

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