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For the record, sour skittles were a great way to treat low blood sugar. A troll quiz bowl? THIS WAS EVEN BETTER THAN A NORMAL QUIZ BOWL! Normal quiz bowls were overrated because you had to actually know stuff for those. She would probably have just given troll answers for a normal quiz bowl anyway because there was no way she actually knew the real answers to these questions. Cordelia slammed the buzzer forcefully with her outstretched palm when the professor asked the first question. I made it in a potions accident which also opened up a wormhole in the space-time continuum and I died three years ago when a mountain troll decided to eat me as a light snack. Obviously, her troll answer had to involve a troll somehow. As for the real answer? A philosopher made it and the second part was a trick question because he never died. That was what she thought, anyway, and the reason that troll bowls were better.

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