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Default Anyone can claim the person she crashed into :)
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After collecting enough samples outside the gates, it was finally time to go into the mist. Carrie knew it was going to happen - that was why they were here after all, to investigate the grounds - but she was still kind of in denial. Did they really have to go in? Really though, she couldn't complain; many of her coworkers had a family to look after, they were risking a great deal by stepping into the unknown. She was one of the youngest in the team, she had to be brave. Her hand trembled slightly as she cast the Bubble-Head Charm on herself, then she grasped the rope tightly with her other hand and made her way forward. Here goes nothing...

As she walked, with nothing but the thick mist surrounding them, she could feel a sense of dread weighing down on her, as if it were a tangible load on her shoulders. She jumped at the slightest sound, but it was just the sound of her colleagues' footsteps. Every now and then she felt like they were being watched, but that was also (probably) just a product of her imagination. Then she felt the rope being tugged from somewhere behind her. She turned around sharply, her wand raised - was someone in trouble? She could make out Archer, the Head Botanist, kneeling on the ground. It was clear that he didn’t just trip over, but seemed to be genuinely distressed. Why?

That was when she saw it. In that instant, Carrie thought time had stopped. No, it was not possible. Yet she stood there, rooted to the spot, unable to take her eyes off it. Soon her initial wave of shock was replaced by fear as her heart began racing and her breathing intensified. "No," she whispered, "no, no, no, please… NO! With that, she let go of the rope violently and took a few fearful steps back, crashing into the person standing behind her.
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