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No unnecessary risks? Lucas understood COMPLETELY. He didn't need to be told twice to not do something that was risky or might cause him harm. That wasn't very Lucas, in his opinion.

The thoughtful expression found its way back on his face when Sandhu started talking about the Scientific Method and the activity they were going to take part in. He couldn't help but start to wonder what exactly they were going to do later on with the idea of a hypothesis - and what he was going to do if they were going to have to come up with their own. But, apparently, this wasn't the time.

Instead, he concentrated hard on what Sandhu was doing, trying to keep up with her demonstration until it was his turn to get started. What was first? The clamp? He started trying to fasten it to the retort stand, making sure it was fixed properly in place. And how was this done? With a lot of twisting and turning and constant checks on his part just to make sure.

Next: the pendulum. He took the string and tied it to the pendulum bob, making sure to keep it at a metre in length and adding in a few extra knots there. Just in case. And now, he needed to do the same thing with the other end and the clamp: extra knots and all. It was a simple process but he couldn't help but feel as though it was taking him a lot longer than it should. Why? He didn't know.

Now, came for the fun part. Lucas let the pendulum get relatively still - and waited for his second hand to reach the 12 mark - before displacing it and releasing it. He tried to block out everything else and just make a note of the time that it was taking for these oscillations to occur. It was almost as if he was in his own world, with no one else in the room, just him and this stand in front of him.

When the ten oscillations were done, he made a note of the time - and the length of the string! - on a simple results table. A very simple results table but it will be added to later. He then set to work on shortening the string and taking the results from that as well. He..... had a funny feeling he knew what the general theme of the answers would be like but that wasn't stopping him from working with the pendulum.
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