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Default Book of the Moment

Every two months, a thread will be opened for the Book of the Moment. Everyone will have a month to read the book (or longer if necessary) and the discussion will begin the following month. Members can nominate books for future BotMs and will also have a chance to vote on which books gets chosen. We will be reading books from a variety of genres – hopefully, this means that there will be something for everyone!

Announcements will be posted in this thread to let you know when voting is open and which books have been chosen. If you don't want to miss anything, make sure you subscribe to this thread!

How can I get involved with Book of the Moment?
  • You can nominate up to three books for Book of the Moment.
    • Nominations are always open.
    • If a book you nominated is chosen, you can then nominate another.
    • If your books aren't chosen, they will remain as options for future months.
  • Nominations are listed here. Please read through the existing nominations and past BotMs, so the same book isn't nominated twice.
  • Nominations should be sent via PM to Bazinga AND Lissy Longbottom (yes, all three!) with the title ‘Book of the Month Nomination(s)’. You MUST include the title, author, genre and age rating of the books in order for your nominations to be considered, as well as any sensitive topics you books include.
    • Ratings up to Sa16+ are allowed. Check here for more information on our Rating System and Sensitive Topics.
  • You – yes, you! – will have a say in choosing every BotM! Stay tuned to find out how.
If you have any questions, send a PM to Bazinga or Lissy Longbottom.
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