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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Ayana held back a chuckle as the next student rolled into class, and nodded to her as she sat. She watched her tie her hair for a moment before looking towards the door once more. Better late than never, she supposed.
Analiese looked back towards the front of the classroom. Then she noticed all the objects on the desk. What were those for? "Professor Sissay, what are all those objects for?" She was just curious. There were two mini elephants... they looked nice.

She turned around to see a familiar face (Avalon). At least she didn't forget to do her hair. Analiese smiled a little bit and opened her textbook. Hmm. This was an interesting read. Ooh, how to calculate your life path number! So Analiese's would be... She decided she would try it out later. If she remembered, that was.
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