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SPOILER!!: Jorge and Alexander
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Jorge watched both children and smiled at the boy, that was good that he asked, but he assumed he was from Hogwarts and always expect the worst when raised there. His own children in a different school he wasn't at all thrilled to ever have any children attend there, though his niece and nephew did.

"Of course I have my badge" reaching into the front pocket he pulled his Daily Prophet ID out and showed them both. "Now, I do have a self-writing quill I hope that won't be to distracting if you will answer just a few questions." Pulling out his quill so it looked legit he started thinking of questions to ask.

"So what is fun around the alley this summer? Is there enough activities or do the youth feel that there should be more?"
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Ouch, that kind of hurt. He glanced at his palm where she had scratched him and even left a little red mark. But it was okay. He was going to assume that it was an accident. But she looked... not great. What was it, exactly? Upset? He couldn't really tell for sure because he didn't know her well enough to know what she was usually like. "Are you, um, alright?"

He peered at the badge the man was showing them. Okay, seemed legit. That was good enough for him! He wasn't quite sure how to answer those questions though. What activities were there even around the alley? This was a place for shopping, not having fun. Not that some shopping couldn't be fun. "Um, I don't think there are very many activities. But I like to get ice cream. That's fun! Or buy candy." Was that what he wanted? Alexander glanced at... what was the girl's name again? It definitely started with an O. Or maybe an A.

She hadn't answered the boy from her year when he asked if she was alright.. instead, Oda wiped at her eyes and ignored anything to do with the emotions she had shown. Vulnerability was not something Buchanans showed or felt or were allowed to know existed.

The adult had shown his badge but Odaline still wasn't convinced but she would at least listen to the conversation and maybe answer. If it got her something to eat, that was. "Boring." She muttered. This summer, all anyone talked about was the flying thing. Which was good in some way because she had stolen at least four wallets from unsuspecting tourists. But she was still bored and alone.

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