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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Too good to be true? Yes, he was. Finally, the recognition James Draper deserved. But he was here, in the flesh. Too good and all. Besides, mixing business and pleasure could be... exciting. Adventurous. Nana never had a problem with it. Where was the fun without a thrill? Offer still stood. And by dismissing them, Eliora was simply depriving herself. Something James made sure to remind her of. Often.

"And what do you believe in when I am concerned?" he asked, amused. He shook his head to decline the offer of tooth-rotteners. He didn't do sugar. Something she knew. Perhaps one day he would humor her, though today was not one of those days. Sugar was a natural poison as far as James saw it. And this Department Head needed to make it to next week. He didn't trust any of his employees to carry the department forward without him.

........ "I swear to merlin, Eliora.." he started in a mumble, closing his eyes obediently. BUT HE WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT. "If this is some sort of gimmick to get me to wear some ridiculous headpiece I'll take it off immediately..." Flower crowns were not his thing. He'd leave that to the likes of Victoria. And he was peaking through one eye. By the way.
Truth be told, Eliora was probably going to give in eventually. Maybe in a few months. Maybe after the summer. Perhaps for their one year friend anniversary if they wanted to make it special. But that was a long way away from now. But she also wasn't considering it yet. Maybe in secret. Because it wasn't an option. With a grin, Eliora sipped from her own coffee and shrugged. "You make me believe in love at first sight, Jamesy." She gave him a teasing nudge with her hip.

Honestly, she was just encouraging the rumour mill because it was fun and she was usually the one around her spreading the rumours. Now, she could be part of one. Draperidge, yo.

And if she was going to encourage, then she'd take full usage of his eyes being closed and kissed both of his cheeks. "I don't think you have the right shaped head for a headpiece. It's much too round and I think you have an odd lump at the back. I guess one thing has to be imperfect about you, right?" With another cheek kiss, she opened her notebook to her favourite of doodles. Stick versions of them (with crowns) and a coffee machine surrounded by hearts. Yes, she had spent most of her time putting effort and detail into the coffee machine. "Open up, Drapes."

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