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Originally Posted by Jessiqua View Post
Lena had untangled herself from her mum, who was busy with Elsie and Oliver, and jingled the coins that were in her pocket. She was hungry and it to the Street Vendors she went. Partly because she was always fascinated by them, but also because she wanted to stay close enough to her mum that she could wave out if her mother noticed she was missing. Which she wouldn't, because Lena was invisible to her. Being at Hogwarts had been great though, and she loved that she wasn't having to take responsibility of her siblings. Nope, she was being taken care of. She saw the cauldron bread and had a sudden craving for one, even though it was warm. She loved soup.
Second mug of butterbeer in hand, Aoife was now wandering the street vendors, hoping to find the second ingredient in her latest idea. Thus far, amidst the various knick-knacks --which reminded her, she needed to find a gift for Gráinne--, she'd seen some sort of kabobs, and weird varieties of popcorn, but not what she was looking for.

Aoife stopped to inspect some jewelry offered at one cart. Their offerings were...eclectic, but nothing really seemed perfect. Not like the left-handed mug her sister got her, which read, I might be left-handed but I'm always right, and would spill on you if you tried to drink it right-handed. Frowning, Aoife renewed her search.

Maybe it would be faster to ask? There was a girl, probably about Aoife's age --it was hard to tell as she was facing away--, in the queue for...breaded soup bowls? Odd. Though, she might know, so Aoife marched up to the girl and tapped her on the shoulder. "Em, sorry. Do you know if any of t'e vendors sell chips? I want to try dipping t'em in my butterbeer and see how t'ey taste."
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