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SPOILER!!: Odaline and Jorge
Originally Posted by Shanners View Post
Odaline was still quietly counting out her coins without approaching any of the vendors because she already did not want to speak to anyone more than she had to when asking for food. She would get her money out in exact change and then approach. This made her feel more at ease as she could walk away immediately after receiving her food, but also because she could run before all of that if needed.

The languages of tourists all around her had sank into white noise and she no longer cared about paying attention to it all. However, the loud calling of 'hi' and the waving made her drop her money on the floor and STARE at the kid that she recognised.

There were many choice words that she had for him right now. But instead, she hissed and dove to the floor to collect her coins.
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
He had been watching all around him so of course, he had noticed the children running around, but one stood out from the rest. A little girl that seemed uneasy and looking at her coins. He had seen this many times in his years of searching for stories, but it meant many different things. A little girl spending her allowance, a child who just got money from her parents, or a child without parents trying to get something without having enough money. He wasn't fully sure which this was and he knew some got offended when others tried to help, but Jorge wasn't one to just not do anything.

As he strolled down the alley looking at the vendors he came to a stop in front of the children, "Hello there, my name is Jorge De La Garza and I'm the editor at the Daily Prophet. Mind if I ask you a few questions about summer? I'll buy you both something from one of the food vendors if you help me out with my story. It's about the fun things kids can do around here in the summer."

Hopefully, that was a way to get them food if they needed and if they didn't he would maybe make their day by not spending their own allowance on food.

Alexander had started to walk toward her after calling out and waving. So he was approaching when he saw her drop her coins. Oops. Had he startled her and made her drop her money? That definitely had not been his intention. But Alexander liked to be helpful, and he didn't want her to lose any of the coins, so he dived to the ground as well, scooping up some change from under people's feet. "Here," he said happily, holding the handful of coins he'd scooped up out in her direction.

When a man approached them, Alexander remained wary at first. He wasn't really supposed to talk to strangers. There were all kinds of people in Diagon Alley, some of them not very nice. But he said he was from the Daily Prophet, so that sounded alright. Except... what if he was just saying that to make them think he was alright? "Do you have a badge?"
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